The guys at Supervettes made something really amazing – took the old C6 and gave it a facelift with a stunning aerodynamic body kit. Available for any C6 Corvette, the kit features a carbon fiber body, several details borrowed from the C7 and four round taillights. Check out the press release:

Supervettes Kit Turns C6 Corvette Into C7-2

The Ultimate Supervette… “SV8.R”

“We started designing the Concept which we have since named the “SV8.R” back in 2009. Our vision and goal was to create an entirely new body for the C6 Corvette that would capture the Supercar essence that the Corvette lacked, at least visually in the past few generations. There’s no argument that its drive train is one if the best on the market, and THE very best bang for your buck available today.. but it still lacked something. So we went to the drawing board. We wanted to create what we thought GM should have designed, but can’t due to a small box their design team must stay inside to meet profit margins and sales goals.

Supervettes Kit Turns C6 Corvette Into C7

We decided to completely replace the entire exterior with a new 100% Carbon Fiber Supervette body. A super contemporary design, capturing some design cues from past generations like the C2 and C3… and of course the traditional round round lights. Ironically, keeping the round tail lights, but executing this idea in a very modern way, was our #1 focus when we first started sketching… and its been without a doubt the most controversial part of the new C7 design. Read more!

We started by 3D scanning a 2011 C6 with Matrix Cad Design Inc. out of Charlotte, NC. With the help of an excellent 3D model designer Thomas Granjard out of Paris, France , we designed the SV8.R on the C6 chassis with laser accuracy, assuring that our panels will fit 100% precision. With this process we were able to avoid making any structural changes to the vehicle. The end result, we can build this conversion on any 2005-2013 Corvette. We will be tweaking the files to fit the C7 chassis as well, which we already determined is extremely similsimilarar to the C6.

All of the body panels, are being manufactured with the very best materials and technology available today. Carbon Fiber, Kevlar-reinforced bumpers for extreme strength and lightweight.

Supervettes Kit Turns C6 Corvette Into C7-3

We are accepting 5 preorders at $59,995, which as of now there are two spots open. After our preorder phase, packages will start at $65,000.00 for the exterior, which will also include forged wheels, 20×11.5″ (F) and 21×13.5″ (R), Pirelli Pzero tires, Custom exhaust, brake upgrade, all new lighting, paint, installation, and delivery. Additional options will include performance packages, custom interiors, sound systems, and even a fully exposed carbon fiber / clearcoated show car finish.

We expect the prototype to be complete by March, and the first 5 preorders to be built by third quarter of 2014. From this point we will be offering a limited amount of 20 per year for 5 years. All 100 will come with their own serial # and unique aluminum badges.”  By: musclecarsworld