“Is that a new Norton?” was the first thing that came to mind when we laid eyes on Suzuki’s newest concept, the SV650 Rally. Introduced recently to the public at the Osaka Motorcycle Show, SV650 Rally builds, obviously, on the new SV650 platform revealed last fall at EICMA in Milan.

Suzuki SV650 Rally Concept

 Sadly, Suzuki has been quite secretive as to what the future hides for the SV650 Rally, so it’s impossible to estimate whether Hamamatsu has any serious plans with this neo-retro racer or it was all just playing with aftermarket parts and some extra fabrications.

However, taking a closer look at the SV650 Rally, it appears that all the modifications are on the aesthetic side, without any hacking, sawing, or welding involved. In fewer words, an SV650 Rally could be built using bolt-on parts; and this means that a modding kit is not such a far-fetched idea!

Suzuki SV650 Rally Concept RearSideview

Suzuki refrained from saying yay or nay, but looking in the industry and seeing how manufacturers expand their product range in this simple and efficient way, we’d rather put our money on “yay.”

Such a retro rally kit could effortlessly include a new seat with an accompanying pillion seat cover, an easy-to-install plug and play Yoshimura silencer, a handful of bolt-on billet parts in contrasting colors, the clip-on bars with bar-end mirrors, and new fenders. By: autoevolution