With the Tokyo Motor Show fast approaching, the Japanese car manufacturers are making themselves comfortable and releasing good old fashion, oddball concept cars.

One of these corky things is Suzuki’s Mighty Deck; a new-concept minicar made to offer new kinds of enjoyment and utility. Its inspiration draws from beach cars and the classic Japanese kei cars, making a very awesome lifestyle automobile in the process.

The Mighty Deck’s 2+2 seating arrangement along with its canvas top and open deck (and its name) are a clear throwback to Suzuki’s 543 cc, coupe-utility, Mighty Boy – a 1980s commercial vehicle, with a dedicated following in Japan.
The concept’s load deck can be repositioned for diverse purposes, as it comes with an automatic raise/lower function in order to “accommodate lifestyle situations ranging from daily life to leisure” – or at least that’s what Suzuki says.

And there’s no reason to doubt the Japanese car manufacturer, as the Mighty Deck looks like an urban/outdoor joy-toy, embodying the essence of open-air activities. Just like a Citroen Cactus M, only on a smaller scale.
In fact, the Mighty Deck is only 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide and 1,540mm tall (11 x 4,8 x 5 ft) , and powered by a 658 cc 3-cylinder turbo engine aided by an S-Energy Charge electric motor. Still, the amount of power delivered to the front wheels remains just a guess – for now – but performance isn’t this automobile’s sweet spot, as you can probably tell.
We’re just curious if this little concept announces the return of the Mighty Boy. By: carscoops