For this year’s LA Auto Show Design Challenge based on the theme “Sensing the Future: How will Cars Interact with us in 2029?” one entry that outshined is the humanoid pod by Infiniti Design called SYNAPTIQ. This HMI (Human-machine interface) concept for the year 2029 can morph into three different vehicles: F1 like circuit racing car, buggy styled off-roading vehicle and a flying jet!

This visionary vehicle that won first-ever People’s Choice Award integrates a universal fuselage pod that can change into any of three driving modes at the push of a button.


In the video that shows this vehicle in action, the first stage of race is a Formula-1 GP course from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The second phase is the desert race to the Grand Canyon and finally the third stint is about a gymkhana style race through virtual pylons which lead back to Los Angeles.


The HMI vehicle will take the current level of augmented reality, wearable technology and 3D hologram to the next level. In a way you can calls it the wearable car of the future since it connects to the driver’s brain via a spinal lock attachment into the pod. The attachment is woven with synthetic muscles that suspends the driver in driving position and gives tactile resistance to the driver.
Then there is a user interface which is a floating holographic projection that adapts to the driver’s current liking and the ETFE canopies are enhanced with AR system which displays all the relevant information like pilot’s vitals and vehicle dynamics.