Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt is one of the six Legends Edition Vitesse models, and like each of those six editions, it is limited to just 3 units. That makes it a pretty rare beast, but one example has recently been delivered to Dallas, Texas, where it was professionally photographed.

Texan Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt Scooped

This Texan Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt is one of the most expensive new cars in the world, having cost someone $3.67 million. It is based on the 1,200-hp Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, the fastest open-top car in the world, with ultra-exclusive exterior and interior appointments.

Bugatti-Veyron-Rembrandt-dallas-1  Bugatti-Veyron-Rembrandt-dallas-4

On the outside the Rembrandt Bugga features a “Noix” brown paint job with bronze carbon fiber on the lower parts of the bumpers and the sills. You find the same theme inside the cabin, only there the brown is complemented with beige leather.


You should think of Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt not as a car, but as an artwork. It’s a painting. And as Rembrandts go, this is actually a very cheap one!

By: motorward