The current look of Lexus is certainly a bold one and not what one might associate with a company built on quietness. But with this Lexus LC 500, the company may have given its slash-y design language a purpose.


The most recent Lexus model to adopt the sharp-edged look was the 2016 RX, and I still haven’t gotten entirely over its enormous new mouth. Yet I understand why the LC looks this way. After all, there’s a 5.0-liter V8 behind the grille and if the high-performance Lexus GS F is any indication, the engine has something to shout about.


Part of the issue with the Lexus slashes have been the cars they’ve been applied to. After all, the ES and GS are upright and practical by nature. The NX and RX crossovers need to be tall to hold people and things. This aggressive look has always seemed best suited for sporty performance cars, and up until now the RC coupe has been the closest thing. Yet it all seems to gel here. Even if you’re not a fan of the large grille up front, I will argue the side and rear angles have that right performance coupe look to them.

And can you imagine what the F version of this will look like?


Sure, the LC is likely to be expensive when it goes on sale. But the fact it looks like this as a production car is undoubtedly going to wow kids who are into cool things that sound fast. Kids from, let’s say, 7 to 70.

Photos Zac Estrada /