A $20,000 oil change?

! Just because you may have the dough to initially buy a Bugatti Veyron doesn’t necessarily mean you can afford to keep it.

Bugatti Veyron

Like every car, the Veyron has ownership costs, including oil changes, tire changes, and a general tune up. But unlike most other cars, the Veyron’s ownership costs are mad expensive.

Unless money isn’t an issue for you and likely never will be (as is the case with most Veyron owners), then the Veyron, specifically the Super Sport in this upcoming example), isn’t the car for you.Our friend Salomondrin is back with a new video where he details just a few of the Veyron Super Sport’s regular maintenance bills.

For starters, in California the purchase tax alone is $320,000. $30,000 is what it’ll cost for a new set of tires (not including rims). A $20,000 oil change?! By: Carbuzz