The problem with both casual and luxury superbikes is that they are usually made for solo riding. Petrol-powered and electric ones alike, these machines are often created for the sole pleasure of the rider. Still, the Lito Sora can be easily upgraded with an add-on seat and readied for two-up rides in instants. The Clip-On Passenger Seat Looks Cool on the Lito Sora Electric Superbike2

Canadian luxury electric superbike manufacturer Lito Green Motion (Lito) equipped their Sora machine with only a seat as standard, but has not neglected those who dream of riding it from the pillion seat.

Lito has recently revealed their add-on passenger seat in a short video that shows how easy it is to swap from a solo electric roadster to a machine that provides fun for two.

In the first video, you can see that the pillion seat is made from CNC-machined aluminum, with its design perfectly integrating with the looks of the bike. The two seats align to perfection, and the passenger’s one effectively becomes one with the rider saddle.

Sora’s rider seat is electronically adjustable and will also adjust the pillion seat

The Clip-On Passenger Seat Looks Cool on the Lito Sora Electric Superbike

Now, if you’ve read more of what we published about the Lito Sora, you should know that this electric superbike is fully-loaded with high-tech features. The electrically-adjustable rider seat is only one of these cutting-edge features and attaching a pillion seat will make it adjustable. Too bad that Lito did not include this feature in the presentation video… it would have looked even more spectacular.

As for the Lito Sora, this bike is a truly exclusive one, with prices starting from $77,000 which translates to approximately €70,449, and this is rather steep for pretty much anyone who is not a rich guy.

Sora can pack 12 kWh of energy and produces 90 Nm (66.3 lb-ft) of torque. It can reach a 120 mph (193 km/h) top speed, while the city range is 123 miles (200 km) and the highway one half this figure.

The bike also comes with a touchscreen display, smart GPS, three power modes, keyless ignition, and more, and it is clad in a luxurious carbon fibre fairing. Check Lito Sora’s website for more info. By: autoevolution