Hopefully they can soon print cheaper supercars.

The future is sure a crazy place; between autonomous cars and emerging alternative fuels, gearheads are seeing a lot of change happen very quickly in the auto industry. However, this doesn’t even begin to cover the futuristic craziness that is upon us.

First 3D-Printed Car

Take the new LM3D Swim for example. Built by Local Motors, this fully 3D-printed car and will go on sale in 2017 for $53,000. Details are still hazy, leaving us to speculate on just how a car that comes off a printing press would be roadworthy or crash-worthy, but Local Motors says it can pull it off.

First 3D-Printed Car-3

First 3D-Printed Car-4

There is no mention of what type of powertrain the car will have, but Local Motors is promising it will be safe, smart, and sustainable. The car will be constructed in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Local Motors will be partnering with IBM and other technology companies to “connect 3D-printed vehicles to their drivers and the outside environment in ways never achieved before.”

First 3D-Printed Car-2

The partnership with tech companies will also yield apps to optimize, connect, and monitor the driving experience. If all goes well for Local Motors, this bug-looking car will be the first 3D-printed vehicle to go on sale ever. Lets hope advancements in this technology will make it so that cool cars can be printed and sold at low prices.  By: Carbuzz