While multi-million dollar supercars will be headlining Frankfurt, Honda is showcasing its ingenuity in its own way. According to an official Press release from Honda of Europe earlier yesterday ( Sept. 9, 2015) they’re set to unveil the Civic Tourer Concept which makes clever use of the amount of storage capable from their five-door Honda Civic wagon. In total with the rear passenger seats folded down, the concept is capable of more than 59 cubic feet of space. Keep in mind, that’s more than the cubic feet you’ll find in a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe with just the third row down (51.6 cubic feet.) But fold down the second row and the Tahoe (or any SUV for that matter) will win hands down (94.7 cubic feet.)


The Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept Is A Cyclist’s Dream Ride

If you didn’t already now, North America much prefers the Honda CR-V over any wagon based Civic. But in European countries, wagons are the bees-knees. Although the sports enthusiast market swoons over renderings of shooting brakes and Cadillac CTS-V wagon news, the truth is neither sell all that well. But in Europe, that’s an entirely different story and it’s still worth reporting on here across the Atlantic.

If you’re a cyclist, you’ll love the Honda Civic Tourer Active Lifestyle. The concept boasts two De La Rosa road bikes that fit nicely in the back with the front wheels off. The Civic Tourer’s clever rack system makes loading/unloading bikes a breeze as well as maintenance a little bit easier when you’re away from your garage. Honda has included such niceties as a built in air pump, spotlight in the tailgate, an extendable sun shade above the rear door and a retractable bench making the Civic Tourer a veritable support vehicle for the masses. Up top, nothing screams active lifestyle like an aerodynamic roof box that can hold all sorts of accessories.


Honda has also included special blue stitching on the steering wheel, gear shift and roof lining, they admit, just the same as the Civic Type R.



Underneath the hood is Honda’s economical 1.6 liter i-DTEC diesel which recently set a record for achieving an average of 100.3 MPG over a 8,737 road trip. Although we love saving gas, what would really make this concept pop would be stuffing that barn screamer of an engine from the Civic Type R under the hood. A 306 HP Civic Tourer Active Lifestyle Concept Type R? Yes please.

Honda-Civic-Tourer-Active-Life-Concept-4 Honda-Civic-Tourer-Active-Life-Concept-5
Source: artofgears.com