Since Mitsubishi’s mind is set only on crossovers and SUVs lately, a designer decided to create a mid-size, five-door concept based on the Japanese car manufacturer’s current “dynamic shield” design philosophy.

Mitsubishi Komorebi
Mitsubishi Komorebi

Baptized the Mitsubishi Komorebi by its creator, Gábor Farkas, the study takes its inspiration from nature Mitsubishi models of old like the Galant and Lancer. In fact, the name Komorebi, which roughly translates to the phenomenon of sunlight filtering through the trees, as an interplay between the light and the leaves, perfectly emphasizes the designer’s wish to integrate nature’s beauty into the car’s sheetmetal. Whether he did it or not is up to the onlooker to decide.

Mitsubishi Komorebi-interior

Mitsubishi Komorebi-rear

The car’s edgy design uses one of the most perfect creation of nature, the honeycomb, to emphasize the hexagonal dominant motif throughout the car and it’s most dominant in the cabin, especially in the instrument cluster, infotainment display and air vents etc.

As a general shape, although it’s reminiscent of the hatchback Galant and Lancer, the Komorebi has a liftback form, often seen on old-school Mitsubishis. The best part of the study is that it already looks like a product designed by the Japanese car maker for the mid-size segment.  By: Carscoops