Granted, it’s not a full tiger wrap this Ferrari 488 GTB has got, and thank God for that. But if you look round the back you’ll notice the panels around the taillights and the badges are all wrapped in a unique tiger skin wrap, giving the GTB a special look.

The Tiger Wrap Ferrari 488 GTB Front

Again, granted, the tiger stuff makes this Ferrari 488 GTB look like a 90s rapper widda lil bitta gold and a pager. But we have to say with the rest of the car finished in matte black, the whole thing just works in a twisted kind of way. Then again, the combination of matte gold and matte black is always going to work as far as black is dominant.  The Tiger Wrap Ferrari 488 GTB Rear

So on this unique Ferrari 488 GTB we have a matte black base garnished with gold stripes and graphics adorning the hood, the bumpers, side mirrors, and side air intakes. The wheels too are powder coated in a lovely matte gold which look surprisingly good. It’s hella showoff-y, for sure, but we just this thing attractive. That said, the gold lining of the engine bay is a bit too much. It’s… it’s just too much!

The Tiger Wrap Ferrari 488 GTB Light Spot

By: motorward