The most exciting tech of 2015 isn’t wearable. It’s driveable. Each year at the largest tech conference in the world, Nvidia hosts a press event to show off its latest chips and graphics processors. In past years at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it touted speedy new chips aimed at smartphones, tablets, and game systems. This year, however, its show revolved around what appears to be the next big mobile computing platform: the car.

Within a few years, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said, “There will be more computing horsepower inside a car than anything you currently own today.” In a way, this makes sense. Cars are much bigger than tablets or smartphones, so they can accommodate far more powerful onboard computers. But wait: What will we do with all that power when we’re sitting behind the wheel? Surely we’re not going to be playing video games while weaving through traffic, right?

Actually, we just might. The stars of Nvidia’s show were a pair of computing platforms called Drive CX and Drive PX, both of which are built for cars—and could have us kicking back in our automobiles sooner than you think.

It wasn’t just Nvidia. This year’s CES was surprisingly dominated by automotive technology, from a self-driving Audi to a hydrogen-powered Toyota to more dashboard entertainment systems than anyone could count. CES, it seems, is becoming not just a tech show but an auto show—and the world’s car companies are eager to be seen as tech companies once again.