This special Roush ‘Motorcraft RS3’ Mustang was built by Sanderson Ford AZ and despite not looking overly aggressive, it does feature quite a few clever design touches. This 2015 Mustang Reminds Us Of Jack Roush's Original Race Cars2

 To start off, the car was made to look at much as possible like one of Jack Roush’s original road race cars, which is probably why they stayed away from using any type of body-kit or unreasonably large wheels when drawing up the car.

In fact, the 20″ Classic Series 300M HRE Forged wheels are a great fit for this particular car – perhaps not the Mustang in general, but on this particular car with this particular theme, we totally get it.

The Mustang is, of course, one of the world’s most iconic muscle cars, and overall sports cars. It’s probably not that hard to come up with a theme for it that reflects something of value from the past, whether it’s personal or just something that the general public can identify with.

This 2015 Mustang Reminds Us Of Jack Roush's Original Race Cars

This particular theme might be a bit too personal, but overall the car still has its good looks and if you’re a fan of the Mustang, you probably won’t have any issues with it.

By the way, in case the wheels look familiar, it’s because they closely resemble the RS100 20″ rims also build by HRE, which surfaced on this wide-body BMW M4 back in July. They share pretty much the same design, yet the color is obviously different – brushed gold here versus brushed titanium.

This 2015 Mustang Reminds Us Of Jack Roush's Original Race Cars-wheels

All in all, another solid Mustang, though arguably not on the same level as this one right here. By: Carscoops