Seriously, we don’t usually condone replicas, especially when they cost more than a nice car, but we’ll need to make an exception this time.  Bugatti Veyron Replica frontview

The custom fiberglass body seems to have the exact same proportions as the body of a Veyron, and the kit car builder also appears to have spent some time developing an interior that gives no clue as to what the donor car is. Those who guessed “Porsche 911” are wrong, albeit the original steering wheel seems to have been borrowed from a 997 with PDK.

Bugatti Veyron Replica

Apparently, the car was built using a 2001 Mercury Cougar chassis, which means that, in theory, this is one of the very rare breeds of FWD Veyrons out there. For some odd reason, the engine was borrowed from a Mercury Sable and is a 3.0-liter Duratec that was good for 200 hp stock. This means that you won’t be smoking too many cars on the drag strip, despite your replica Veyron sounding mean thanks to a “custom exhaust for the car that just sounds unbelievable when you start the car.”

Bugatti Veyron Replica rearview

The only other weird part about the car is that it’s terribly familiar, and a quick refresh made us remember that we have seen something similar before, not too long ago. Surprisingly, that Veyron replica was then sold on Craigslist for no less than $120,000, which is yet another reason to consider this one a bargain. By: autoevolution