If there’s one thing M cars are most loved for it’s their dual character. People have come to expect them to perform more than decently on the track and then be completely ok to live with on a daily basis.

There are few cars on this planet that can pull this trick off, and no, I’m not talking about barely street legal models that will trash your spine every time you go over a speed bump. I’m talking about a car with AC, comfortable seats, and a decent suspension. this-heavily-tuned-bmw-m3-is-someones-daily-driver-photo-gallery_3

Well, most M cars do that and that’s what makes them special. Of course, they may not be perfect, but for the average Joe, they do offer a strong package.


What we have here, though, is an entirely different dish. This is a car that probably shouldn’t be allowed on public roads, and yet, its owner claims that it’s perfectly ok to live with.

This is a BMW E92 M3 or, to be more precise, used to be a standard M3 until not long ago. However, its owner decided it wasn’t good enough on the track and decided to install “a few” upgrades.

He started with an ESS Supercharger for the 4-liter V8 under the hood, as well as a huge APR Performance rear wing, a front splitter, orange front lip and mirror caps and a kit from CRAZY Engineering made up of front canards, side skirts, and a diffuser.


The TE37 wheels in orange can’t be ignored and they’re wrapped in Yokohama Advan Neoca AD08 R Tires for proper grip. While it’s all looking … weird on the outside, since the man claims he’s driving it on a daily basis, let’s take a look at the inside.


The cabin was stripped down and we’re now dealing only with an M Performance Steering Wheel, Pedal Haus aluminum M Performance pedals, Takata racing seats and harnesses and a roll cage, of course. To top everything off, an AWRON display was needed to keep an eye on all the essential parameters of the car. By: autoevolution