One word: “eBay.”
If you’ve always wanted to “stunt” in a supercar just like one of your favorite rappers, this could be a golden opportunity for you. That is, of course, if you happen to have an account on eBay.

This Is How You Can Own A Famous Rapper's Lamborghini

If you do then congratulations, you could potentially be the proud new owner of Chris Brown’s custom “Tupac Lyrics Lamborghini” we revealed last year. This very special Lamborghini Gallardo recently went up for sale and features Tupac song lyrics custom painted onto the vehicle in graffiti-style white lettering.


This Is How You Can Own A Famous Rapper's Lamborghini2

So how might you be able to purchase this awesome vehicle? Simply click the “Buy It Now” button in the eBay auction that is actually selling the rapper’s. For the paltry sum of $99,999 you can instantly be as a cool as Chris Brown. If you’ve got an eBay account and a spare one-hundred grand to splurge, we can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to scoop up this super cool ride. By: Carbuzz