Alfa Romeo’s reveal of the new Giulia is still in progress, if you will, as we’ve only seen the very tip of the range – the 510 PS QV. However, it will obviously spawn lesser variants with less puffy bodywork and, shock of shocks,an SUV.
BMW X4 Figther

It would be Alfa’s answer to the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe and it could look like this rendering. It’s the work of designer Alessandro Masera who took the basic Giulia cues and transposed them onto a raised hatchback-type body.
BMW X4 Figther rear
The result is good, and it looks like less of a copy of the original BMX X6 shape, the one that seems to have inspired all other coupe-SUVs since. It’s also more natural looking than that previous rendering we posted of an SUV with Giulia cues. By: carscoops