When you hear the Liberty Walk Performance name associated with a car, you know that you’re in for a wide, muscular vehicle packed with power. This Nissan GT-R sporting a full Liberty Walk body kit, tuned engine, and fitment from Brixton Forged is exactly what you’d expect: a drool-worthy version of Godzilla that owns the road.   This Liberty Walk GT-R w/ Brixton Forged Wheels Is Epic!

considering the fact that the factory fitment specs are no longer at play. On the flip side, it also makes for a more desirable build as you now have more room to work with. In this case, the team at Brixton Forged took full advantage of the additional space.

This Liberty Walk GT-R w/ Brixton Forged Wheels Is Epic!-engine

Reverse lips and deep concave are two dynamics which usually don’t go together. However, thanks to the added room, Brixton was able to take full advantage of this by using a massive 12.5 x 20 rear setup of the Brixton R25 model. To contrast the GT-Rs WrapWorkz Matte Grey wrap, the R25s where finished in accenting Brushed Blue outer lip, high-luster Brushed Smoke Black face, and Firecracker Black exposed hardware. Sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber wraps each wheel to provide unrelenting grip.

This Liberty Walk GT-R w/ Brixton Forged Wheels Is Epic!-1

The fitment owes its existence to the hardcore Liberty Walk body kit. The Nissan GT-R flaunts its muscles in the form of a Liberty Walk Performance full kit that includes front and rear bumpers, extended fenders, and swan-neck rear spoiler. The kit instantly adds confidence and commands attention on the road.

This Liberty Walk GT-R w/ Brixton Forged Wheels Is Epic!-rear

Under the hood, the Liberty Walk GT-R drops a hammer in the name of Godzilla. The 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V-6 engine wears all sorts of Password JDM carbon fiber accessories while Type1Racing, ASNU, GotBoost, HSK, Greddy, and Ecutek upgrades push power to the maximum. By: motoringexposure