This is the most hardcore, sub-zero cool Porsche you’ll ever want to own.

It seems that nowadays the craze with Rauh Welt Begriff is getting more and more intense, but a change of “scenery” is always welcomed. Granted, this particular build doesn’t stray too far from the Japanese tuner’s masterpiece of madness, but it’s fresh, hardcore style will make you drool yourself to death over it.

Modified Porsche 930 Turbo

But unlike any other mad-manufactured air-cooled Porsche out there, this example is available for anyone willing to spend $108,950, as it’s currently for grabs.

Yes, yes, the price is a little steep, but as you can probably tell by the ginormous fenders and overall bod-kit style, this car wants to be a 934 Turbo RSR-inspired , race-hardened, crazy dream machine. However, care to guess how much an original RSR Porsche will set you back? Well, let’s just say it’s 4 to 5 times pricier than this one.

Modified Porsche 930 Turbo-2 Modified Porsche 930 Turbo-3

Anyway, the car is called Projekt Mjølner (Mjölnir is Thor’s Hammer in Norse mythology) and it started life as a “regular” 1986 Porsche 930 before D-Zug got to it. Of course, you can’t call it regular anymore, as its sports 3.0 RSR front fenders and rear quarter panels, a 2.1 RSR front bumper, a 935/76 rear win and bumper and D-Zug 935 Style Strut Brace – and this is just on the visual side.

Modified Porsche 930 Turbo-rear

It comes with custom Bilstein coil-over shocks and struts, RSR arm bushings, 935 spring plates and massive 10.5 x 18 Front and 14 x 19 Rear D-Zug wheels by Forgline.

But the engine is the true masterpiece, as the 3.5-litre flat six received two new Garret gt-30 turbochargers, Tial 50 mm blow-off valves, twin Tial v44 wastegates, a new fuel pump, a 993 TT crankshaft, Mahle 98 mm pistons, 935 headers and GT-2 cams, just to name a few. The list is way longer, and you can check D-zug’s mods on the original eBay ad for more info. You can also buy the car, while you’re at it.

But how much power it develops? Now one knows, no one cares; enough to kill you, anyway (607 hp, according to the dyno sheet).

H/T to Boldride! / By: carscoops