Remember the Hungarian crew from TMcars and their BMW E30 3-Series Concept30 kit? They’re back with a new outfit for another 3-Series Coupe, this time, the E36.

The Hungarian tuner says the idea came around after a drift and hillclimb racer requested a bodykit for his E36 racecar and thus, the TM Concept36 was born.   2016-TM-Concept36-23carscoops0

“The goal was to create a modern looking racecar rather than a refreshed version of the original,” explains TMcars, adding that the client “wanted to have as much aerodynamic efficiency as possible without major CFD simulations, thus pulling out the air from the wheeldrums on the back side, having a front splitter, a rear wing and a diffuser for increased downforce.”


It could look different in real life where proportions and certain aspects of the car like the greenhouse will be dictated not by Photoshop…but the actual donor car, but in these digital renders, it faintly awakens memories of Fast & Furious-style Nissan Silvias.


While it only exists on computer-models now, TMcars said it plans to begin the manufacturing process starting with the body molds in the coming months, with the first pre-production kit to be ready for final test runs in spring of 2016.


TMcars expects pricing to be similar to the existing TM Concept30 at about €3,000 to €3,500 (equal to $3,400-$4,000) for the standard glass-fiber composite panels with a gelcoat finish, with the company to offer clients the option of sticking with the stock head- and tail-lamps or go for custom made units with LEDs and Hella modular lenses. By: Carscoops