The “Widebody King” has been non stop since he debuted the first widebody Corvette C7 at last year’s SEMA Show. It took to Instagram like wildfire and he even won a GM design award for its wider and more aggressive bodywork. Orders for the vehicle came in fast and furious from around the world for a replica of the Corvette.

Green Corvette C7

As the popularity of the widebody C7s and other vehicles still remain a top customization priority by many, Topo and his TS Designs crew are so busy at times, that “the shop begins to look like the assembly line at GM,” he jokes.

Topo’s skill set in flaring the body lines of the current class of American muscle car is already well known, but he has since then crossed over to the higher-end of the spectrum with exotic cars, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. Currently, the C7 is providing a steady flow of work, as well as other sports cars from across the nation and even overseas, keeping the TS Designs garage full. GM and Ford have also been knocking at TS Design’s shop doors, further legitimizing his craft.

Green Corvette C7-01

“I feel like my widebodies give cars a more exotic look, or that supercar look, many want to have,” Topo says. “This widebody trend has been going strong for a while now, but I feel like the cars I’ve chosen to do widebodys on have a lot to do with my success in the car world.” Already on to the next, Topo has been widening the lines of the new Ford Mustang and Ford F-150, which will both debut at the 2014 SEMA Show.

Green Corvette C7-Wheel

According to Topo, this bright green “Anti-Freeze” C7 convertible came to him all the way from Florida and is his best Corvette to date, favoring it for its bright, glowing green paint, which he says looks even better in person. “When the sun hits it, it’s as if it has a heavy gold pearl to it.”

Green Corvette C7-02

The design goal in each of his builds is to make sure the modifications look as if the ride rolled straight from the factory with some “extra junk in the trunk.” These Corvettes showcase how dramatically different a widebody can turn an already aggressively-styled sports car. By: dubmagazine


Widened 4” in the rear and 2” at the front
Painted House of Kolor Limelight Green by JC’s Customs
21×9.5” front and 22×12” rear Forgiato F2.19 wheels
Toyo Proxes 265/30R21 front and 305/25R22 rear tires
Carbon fiber chin spoiler, hood inserts and rear wing