The mid-engined Jaguar XJ13 and the XK180 are the two concept cars recreated by classic car experts. Both will be seen for the first time in public at the 2016 London Classic Car Show.

What is worth mentioning is that these two cars are not replicas but accurate recreations of the 60’s and 90’s iconic Jags’ that were brought to life by a handful of classic car experts.

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The original 1966 Jaguar XJ13 was powered by a quad-cam 5.0 liter V12 engine, and right after it was developed, it claimed a UK speed record. David Hobbs lapped the banked MIRA test track at an average speed of more than 161 mph, a record that he held for 32 years.

The MIRA test track has also been the place where the original XJ13 got badly damaged in a high-speed crash. It was later fixed but it now differs from the 1966 version in several respects.

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According to Neville Swales from Building the Legend, although the beautiful lines of the XJ were copied many times before, the version that his team is making accurately reflects the original car. It will even be powered by one of the original prototypes of the quad-cam V12 engine.

Jaguar XJ13 Recreated Concept Cars

Swales also stated that his team received unconditional support both from the surviving members of the original XJ13 project team and from Jaguar Heritage, which gave them access to its archives.

It is expected that the XJ13 will be driven along the Show’s Grand Avenue highway by one of the original test drivers, with Mike Kimberley, the original project manager, in the passenger seat.

Along with this piece of history, a customer car will also be presented and will be powered by a SOHC V12 engine.

Eric Fintelman is responsible for rebuilding the other concept car, the Jaguar XK180. After he bought a fiberglass replica body, which he mounted on an XJS chassis, he soon realized it was not a very accurate recreation.

Fintelman got exclusive access to Jaguar’s two existing prototypes and he was allowed to take photographs and exact measurements. He teamed up with Dutch company JePe Specials to reproduce a perfect aluminum-bodied XK180.

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Like the original concept, the XK180 developed by JePe Specials is based on an XK8/XKR substructure and features a two-seat speedster body. It will be powered by a turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. This version will also be a customer car, so it will be made after the customer’s preferences.

The London Classic Car show will take place between February 18 – 21, 2016, and it is staged by Brand Events, the company that is also behind the Top Gear Live shows and CarFest festivals. By: autoevolution