A while ago a video of a dark green McLaren P1 GTR was released on the web, creating a massive buzz. We never got around showing you this unique car, officially called Canepa Green McLaren P1 GTR, up close and personal. Until now.


In this gallery you get a good look at the bespoke Canepa Green McLaren P1 GTR inside and out. Not that there’s much to see really, seeing as the car boasts a very simple paint work with Canepa Green base and McLaren Orange accents. It doesn’t get any sort of liveries of graphics like most other P1 GTRs.

Canepa-Green-McLaren-P1-GTR-interior dashboard

But that’s exactly why it’s so freakin’ cool. The Canepa Green McLaren P1 GTR is a special order by Bruce Canepa of Canepa Collection and the man has shown time and again he has a very unique and very refined taste in cars. That unique green color is a custom take on the British Racing Green and nods ever so slightly at a classic McLaren F1 paint job.


As for the technical highlights, the car’s a regular P1 GTR with a 1,000PS (986bhp) hybrid powertrain, Drag Reduction System, 19-inch motorsport alloy wheels, onboard air jacking system By: motorward