If you are an avid follower of the automotive news and have an affinity for the world of tuning, you have definitely heard of Hamann Aventador Roadster Limited.


 This very special take on the Italian supercar shows up every once in a while at a major motor show in a new color. Now they have given it a new look for 2015 with new styling details and colors. It definitely warrants a closer inspection.

Up Close with Hamann Aventador Roadster Limited

What sets this Hamann Aventador Roadster apart from the other versions we have seen so far, besides an updated carbon fiber aero kit, is an interesting design achieved by applying a unique wrap on the car, employing new alloy wheels, and a healthy dose of yellow accents. Those changes are more than enough to give the car a fresh new look.


As for the ingredients of the Hamann Aventador Roadster Limited package, there is a redesigned front bumper with made-to-measure and two pieced front spoiler made, from carbon fiber, which produces bucket loads of downforce,

side skirts with carbon inserts, new rear bumper including rear diffusor in high-quality clear-coated carbon fiber, and an adjustable racing rear wing. By: motorward