“The Spanish Tesla” is what the media is calling this fully electric prototype that’s supposed to come out in 2017. A new company by the name of Velantur Cars has bold claims and only a few renderings to back them up, but we at least like the styling they went with. Velantur Is a Luxury Electric Coupe Made in Spain

Velantur has been working on this ambitious project for 18 months. Already, two prototypes have supposedly begun testing on Spanish roads. Right now, the vehicle doesn’t have a name, but some initial details include a small body measuring just 4 meters and a total range of 400 kilometers per charge thanks to a lithium-ion battery.

We’ve never been huge supporters of upstarts. Usually, they are established by enthusiasts with a sound vision but who lack the necessary experience to finance and develop a car. Wiesmann and Gumpert have proven us right. However, that doesn’t mean every upstart is doomed to fail – just look at Ariel.

The initial version will have a 3-door body and a retro body that reminds us of Morgan. The 2+2 seating configuration seems reasonable, considering the size of the coupe. However, we think the raked windshield and low roof will make it difficult to see out of the car.

Spain Velantur Car

The power will come from an obscure form of electric propulsion that will deliver around 180 horsepower. The Spanish company believes it will reach 100 km/h in less than eight seconds, but the top speed has not been discussed. A full charge will take approximately 30 minutes and will last you as much as 400 kilometers.

Art and technology will combine into one package when it comes to the interior. A digital dashboard and ” all kinds of gadgets” will be used to improve ergonomics and ensure the safety of the vehicle. Until the Velantur car is ready, we’ll just buy a Leon SC with a 1.8-liter TSI and be done with it. By: autoevolution