The guys at Bengala Automotive Design are on fire these days, penning some of the most fanciful models in the world of virtual tuning. We looked at their wide body Range Rover a few days ago, now let’s check out the Bengala BMW i8.


At frist glance you may not notice that big a difference between Bengala BMW i8 and the standard model. But look closer and you see the car is equipped with a custom aero kit featuring revised bumpers and side skirts. The hunkered down look of this i8 is also a major contributing factor to the cool looks that results.


The designers have also penned a more extreme version slammed, or should we say bagged, on a set of ultra-wide wheels. Now that’s a look not many BMW i8 owners could connect with, since the majority of them are the sophisticated, academic type who like this car for its advanced technology and futuristic design. They are baffled by the very idea of tuning. By: motorward