If you are one of the lucky 799 people who got to order a Ferrari F12tdf, chances are you are not going to have it re-bodied just yet. But for those crazy ones out there who might get bored with their Fezza after about two days, French firm Vitesse AuDessus has come up with a solution.

Vitesse AuDessus Ferrari F12tdf Gets a Carbon Body

 What they are proposing is replacing the body panels on Ferrari F12tdf, traditionally made from aluminum, with carbon fiber pieces they produce themselves.

This extremely expensive and time-consuming treatment will make the car stand out as they are going to just clear-coat the carbon and leave it on display. It also reduces the weight of the car by a hefty 160 kg.

Now, since it is a painstakingly difficult process to re-body a car like the Ferrari F12tdf with carbon fiber, Vitesse AuDessus is only going to do up five cars, and they are projecting a cost between hundred to two-hundred thousands dollars for the job.


Their full carbon F12 certainly looks cool in the renderings they have released, But the tdf is a car you want to drive not show off with. And as enticing as the weight saving is, we’re not sure it’s worth the hassle. By: motorward