As great as the latest Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan – called the Novara – is on its own, it can be made even awesomer with a cool set of wheels. There’s nothing with the wheels the American tuner offers with the package. But if you want the ultimate in badassery, you’ve got to get yourself a set of these ADV1 bad boys.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan on ADV1

The unique ADV1 wheels on this Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan Novara are called ADV05C Track Spec CS and they come in sizes 20×9 inch on the front axle and 21×12.5 inch on the rear. The color is Brushed Aluminum with a mix of matte and gloss finishing which goes really well with the metallic grey of the exterior, itself complemented by the contrasting carbon fiber aero kit.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan on ADV1 Sideview

Speaking of the aero kit, Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan package, as you may know, includes revised bumpers featuring a new carbon fiber splitter and grille surrounds up front and a massive diffuser out back. It also comes with its unique side skirts, signature front fender vents, and rear wing which comes with its own base. The lightweight doesn’t just look good, it also enhances the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan on ADV1 Rearview

By: motorward