BimmerBoost often mocks the BMW i8 because it lacks the balls a $100k+ sports car should have but there are no knocks on its styling. The design of the i8 Spyder is gorgeous. BMW is having trouble getting the i8 Spyder to market and has a number of issues to resolve before the car hits the streets but the rendering below gives us an idea of what the i8 Spyder will look like with some relatively basic cosmetic modifications.

Vorsteiner Previews What A Modified Bmw I8 Spyder Will Look Like - I8 Spyder Rendered On 21 Inch Vorsteiner Wheels And Lowered

The stock car rides on 20 inch rims. What you see rendered below is the i8 Spyder rendered on 21 inch Vorsteiner forged rims. The car is also dropped giving it an aggressive stance.

That is all one really needs to do to make the i8 look incredible as the bodywork and design are already aggressive off the showroom floor.

The color scheme is also changed to a white, black, and yellow pattern. Whether owners will actually change the color schemes of their i8 remains to be seen but the end result here is one hot looking drop top. Now if only what was under the hood was as aggressive as the styling… By: svetlana