This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed has seen many new cars debuted, but it also sees the launch of a new brand and car as well – the VUHL 05. A rival for the Ariel Atom, BAC Mono and KTM X-Bow, the 05 has an aluminium monocoque chassis with either carbon or plastic body panels and is powered by a tuned 2.0 litre turbo Ford Ecoboost engine with 285 bhp and 310 lb/ft of torque linked to the rear wheels via a six speed manual gearbox.


The lightweight construction means the VUHL weighs in at 725 kg which means the 0 – 62 mph time is 3.7 seconds on the way to a top speed of 152 mph.


Inside there are carbon bucket seats, an electronic dash with data acquisition, water-resistant suede trim, integral HD camera and a 330mm quick-release, water-resistant steering wheel.

The VUHL 05 is set to cost £55,000 when it goes on sale next spring, which puts it at the lower end of the market, with only the Ariel Atom costing less. The BAC Mono costs double, so it’ll be interesting to see if the VUHL handles as well as it looks as it could take some sales away from BAC. By: Botb