So a few days ago we brought you the first pictures of Wald Toyota Prius Sport Line body kit, revealed after months of anticipation. Now we have a few live photos of the car showcasing it in the flesh, giving you a better idea hot the thing looks in real life.

Wald Toyota Prius In the Flesh
Wald Toyota Prius In the Flesh

We know that we liked Wald Toyota Prius when we saw it in the tuner’s official photos. But we have to say that in the light of day the car looks just too peculiar and, well, rather ungainly. You can tell how hard Wald has tried here to make the Prius sportier and more fun. But you can also tell they have failed in that effort.

Wald Toyota Prius In the Flesh FrontviewWald Toyota Prius In the Flesh Frontview

Still, if what you want is stand out in public, then Wald Toyota Prius body kit is just the thing for you. The package includes an add-on chin spoiler complete with aero lip and side flaps, custom side skirts, rear apron with integrated diffuser insert and tailpipes, and a tailgate wing.

Wald Toyota Prius In the Flesh SideviewWald Toyota Prius In the Flesh Sideview

This car here is also slammed on air suspension and fitted with Wald wheels, but you don’t have to order them. In fact Wald offers these parts individually, which we suppose is a way to make the Prius even weirder. By: motorward