And the verdict is…

Volkswagen is in the midst of its worst crisis ever at the moment and, because of the expected billions of dollars in fines, the German automaker is setting aside all unnecessary projects. As of now, VW will cut around $1.1 billion.

Bugatti Chiron

Layoffs are also probable. But what will happen to the upcoming Bugatti Chiron? We wondered this ourselves just a week ago, but now it appears we have an answer. According to Jalopnik, a Bugatti source claims everything is going as planned. That means the Chiron is still on schedule for a March reveal at Geneva.

Bugatti Chiron Interior

Bugatti Chiron Whell

We’ve reached out to both Volkswagen AG and Bugatti for further clarification, but, so far, we’ve yet to hear anything official about even delaying that launch. We’ll keep you informed but for now enjoy the good news. Let’s hope it’s true. By: Carbuzz