Based on cars like this Galaxy-themed McLaren 650S, we recognize Impressive Wrap as one of the best wrappers in business today. But even these guys get it wrong some times, giving in to their customers’ unreasonable demands, like when they want a pink chrome BMW M4!


Pink-Chrome-BMW-M4-10 The wrap itself is an excellent work as usual, but it’s the color that is the source of anguish for every self-respecting car fan. I mean, unless they want to use this as a weapon in the fight against breast cancer or something like that, the very idea of a pink chrome BMW M4 is wrong. Granted, the car does look kinda yummy and rather fun to look at, but do you want to be seen in this car? Didn’t think so.



If you want a BMW M4 in a brash color that is not completely ghastly, we recommend this Fire Orange M4 by TAG Motorsports. By: motorward