A Lamborghini Huracan has been absolutely destroyed by fire in Louisiana after it was believed to have been deliberately set ablaze by local arsonists. The supercar is owned by David Mahler, the owner of H&O Investments and a local contractor who was recently hired to remove a number of famous monuments by the city of New Orleans.

White Lamborghini Huracan Torched In New Orleans

Soon after being named as the man for the job, Mahler started to receive death threats, prompting the contractor to pull out of the job. Despite that, his brand new Huracan was still torched in the middle of the night outside the H&O Investments office and totally wrecked.

As a matter of fact, the light of day the next morning revealed that the car was completely unrecognizable with the wheels and seat frames the only giveaway that it is indeed a car.

The local Baton Rouge Fire Department is conducting an investigation into the inferno, with Mahler’s attorney calling the circumstances around the blaze “extremely suspicious”. By: Carscoops