It’s just been waiting at the dealership! At CarBuzz we’re not really fans of people who buy rare supercars just as an investment. Okay, we think that’s fine so long as said car is driven every so often and not treated like stock. That’s why this story caught our attention.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Apparently there’s a Ferrari LaFerrari with an owner that’s just sitting around in a UK dealership. The supercar was delivered last October but has sat ever since. Now maybe the owner has just been too busy to pick it up, but for an entire year?

Ferrari LaFerrari Interior

We reached out to the dealership, Meridien Modena, for comment. Until then we’ll keep our wild speculation to ourselves.

Ferrari LaFerrari Rear

That being said this is looking an awful lot like another case of someone who bought a limited-run supercar strictly to make a quick buck. What do you think of the situation and of supercars as an investment? By: carbuzz