The interior specialists at Carlex Design Europe has worked this on a car that whose demise the automotive world mourns to this day. It’s the German sports car Wiesmann MF4 to which they have given a rather special interior treatment.

Wiesmann MF4 by Carlex Design

Wiesmann began their work in a small workshop in Bavaria where the founding brothers pursued their dream of building a vintage-looking sports car with the cool design and prestige of old British marques and the modern engineering excellence of German automobiles. What they came up was an instant hit thanks to its wonderful recipe, and they soon became one of the world’s top boutique car makers. That was until the banking crisis of a few years ago during which Wiesmann went bankrupt.

Wiesmann MF4 by Carlex Design Front

So we’re hoping the good thing Carlex Design has done to this Wiesmann MF4 will inspire the Wiesmann brothers to restart the company. We are also okay with a new owner taking over and picking up where they left off. As for the treatment Carlex has given to this MF4, it includes a complete makeover of the cabin using a healthy dose of fine black leather, black Alcantara, and red stitching. The leather is found on the top part of the cabin, the seats, and the steering wheel, while the suede covers the lower parts of the dashboard, transmission tunnel, and door cards.

Wiesmann MF4 by Carlex Design interior

Wiesmann MF4 by Carlex Design Interior Sitting

Wiesmann MF4 by Carlex Design Sideview

By: motorward