Ford’s current model line-up includes a wide array of high performance automobiles, and the American car manufacturer plans to expand it by 2020 with no less than 12 models. Ford-Ranger-Frontview

 It’s currently unknown which cars will receive the special performance treatment (besides the already launched F150 Raptor, Fiesta ST, Focus RS, and Mustang GT350) but Motoring reports that Paul Seredynski, Ford Performance global communications manager, dismissed several candidates, including the Fiesta RS.

Mr. Seredynski, on the other hand, said that a Ford Ranger Raptor “was a fascinating idea” when asked about a potential enhanced variant, although there’s no official confirmation at this stage.


The F150 Raptor was the best-selling model produced by Ford’s performance division and to think the company wants to reproduce the recipe on a smaller, cheaper vehicle, with presumably the same characteristics, isn’t that outrageous. However, if such a vehicle won’t have a global appeal and be profitable for Ford, then it’s existence becomes pretty much pointless, as Ford Performance’s chief engineer Tyrone Johnson commented:


“One thing that is true for us, and perhaps less true for others looking at some of the hardware they have: everything we do has to have a solid business case. We don’t do products that lose money or break even. If it makes money, if there’s a business case, then I’m sure the people responsible for it are discussing it. Sure, it could be considered.”

So, a Ranger Raptor may be Ford’s next big recipe, although we wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath. By: Carscoops