Renault’s Alaskan pickup truck concept previews a production model expected to launch in the first half of 2016. One look at the Alaskan study is enough to realize that we’re dealing with a thinly-veiled production model, which is why Photoshop-er X-Tomi decided to strip it of the concept car bits so we can have a clearer image of what the production model will look like.

Unfortunately, that meant getting rid of the big 21-inch wheels, which contribute a lot to the Alaskan’s imposing stature, and replacing them with smaller, more conventional alloys and tyres. The production-spec model also gets normal lateral mirrors.

Overall, the Renault Alaskan envisioned by X-Tomi loses some of the concept’s shine, but gains street credibility. How do you like it? Source: carscoops

Rendering via X-Tomi