Imagine turning up for your first date in this! Unless you are dating that girl with the dragon tattoo, it’s not going to impress, is it. This “work of art” has been done by some Russian dealership – where else could it be from – based on a Mercedes S65 AMG, which was a fabulously dignified car, before they ruin it.


We never looked at the W220 S-Class and thought that would make a good dragon. You need an artist’s eye to realize stuff like that. Or, you need to be on something, like meth or weed. At the very least you need to be massively drunk to think like that. It just doesn’t happen to normal, sober people.


This year is the year of dragon in China. But looks like the Russians are more concerned about that than the Chinese.



All that said, it’s a good job as far as wrapping goes. The quality of the job and the details of the design are all spot on. The car is currently on sale for 51,500 euros. Just so you know, the S65 features a 612-hp twin-turbo V12 engine. By: motorward