If you thought getting a car for your birthday was already sweet – you’ll need to sit down for this.


CEO of Google Benjamin Sloss just bought his wife a Ferrari FXX K, the car Ferrari said “was developed to be completely uncompromising”. This car is on such another level that Ferrari can;t even use the car to compete in races against other cars. 848hp comes from this street-legal race car’s V12 engine coupled with an electric motor that generates an additional 187hp, giving this monster plenty of power. Not to mention when you’re hard on the brakes Ferrari’s KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system) will kick in, harnessing energy from glowing red carbon ceramic brakes.


Even with its $3 million price tag, all 40 of the worlds FXX K’s are sold out. These cars are practically Unicorns in the automotive world. Not many people will see one, fewer will drive one, and even less will own one.


Sloss is known for having an exquisite car collection, nothing is out of reach. Benjamin’s Instagram shows how absolutely crazy for cars he really is.

I think we can all applaud a seriously wealthy guy with a passion for cars! By: drizz