Zetor who? One must admit, the name is not exactly the best marketing move, but the looks, the looks are what should draw any auto enthusiast. Sure, this contraption is still in its virtual form, but it is here to lead the way for the tractor design of tomorrow and it was created by Pininfarina.  zetor-by-pininfarina-is-a-tractor-concept-we-like-photo-gallery-video_7

 It’s a long way from the likes of the Enzo, the Ferrari 275 or the Testarossa to a tractor that will harvest crops some day soon. But the Italian design company is not that pretentious nowadays, as the industry has seen it create rather particular projects before. Odd is not the word for this tractor concept, though, mechanical style being better fitting to the cause.


Zetor by Pininfarina is the first brainchild of the new collaboration between a Czech tractor manufacturer and the Italian design firm, and the concept was unveiled at the Agritechnica fair in Hannover. The body of the tractor is the casing for the machine’s mechanical components and an integral part of the structure, Pininfarina explains.



Powerful lines and a surface that offers the tractor dynamics and performance are what define the new design, apparently. But the front end of the tractor is what makes heads turn. Somehow, the Italians managed to turn a tractor into an exotic sportscar, where “the gradual tilting forward and the sloped line of the engine hood highlight the sensuality and grace of movements.”

The world of competitive motoring is subtly represented in the design, through its shaped side panels over mechanical components. The two-tone paint allegedly supports the distinction between functional areas, as the dark area highlights the technical elements, while the rest is finished in red.

Pininfarina claims the concept prefigures the new Zetor flagship, while in the future the Italian design house will take care of the full range of the tractor maker. By: autoevolution